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Press Room 30 Jun 2020 Law POPIA

It has been a decade since talk of the Protection of Personal Information Act started and, finally, we have an effective date of 1 July 2020. This means that we have until 30 June 2021 to become compliant. 

Compiled by Elizabeth de Stadler, Not Another POPIA White Paper is a collection of lessons learnt over the years by asking the questions, "Why do so many POPIA programmes fail?" and "What does ‘fail’ mean?". 

A failed POPIA programme is when we come back three years later and find significant levels of non-compliance. Or worse, unknown levels of non-compliance.

So how does that happen? How can this be avoided?

Download the White Paper to read on.


Elizabeth de Stadler is the founding Director of Novation Consulting and a seasoned specialist in all things compliance and risk management, plain language drafting and training.

She has authored and contributed to several works, including Editor of the Consumer Law Review; co-author of A Guide to the Protection of Personal Information Act and Commentary on the Consumer Protection Act (Juta); and author of Consumer Law Unlocked. Elizabeth also wrote chapters on the Consumer Protection Act in The Law of Contract in South Africa and The Law of Commerce in South Africa. She is currently working with Liezl van Zyl on Plain Language Legal Drafting, which will be published in 2020.