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If you wish to follow up on the status of your product enquiry, please email and quote the Enquiry Reference Number on the enquiry confirmation email forwarded to you.

The account application forms can be downloaded here.

Alternatively, please contact either the Juta Accounts Department or Customer Services on Tel: +27 21 659 2300 or E-mail:

There is no formal accreditation for the Accounting and Finance courses as they do not form part of the verifiable or structured CPD activities as set out by the various professional bodies in South Africa. These courses have, however, been written in accordance with the standards set by international professional accounting bodies, to which the South African bodies are affiliated. Learners are therefore expected to submit proof of completion of these courses (certificate) to their professional bodies as unstructured CPD to obtain verification and CPD hours.

In the case of the Health e-Learning product, you have two attempts to successfully complete the course. Juta e-Learning will allow two login sessions on the same lesson before it becomes necessary to pay a second time for the same lesson. A certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course.

In the case of the Accounting and Finance courses, you have 6 (SIX) months to successfully complete each course, calculated from the date of activation of the course.

Health e-Learning products: CPD points work on the principle of self-study. You will have to successfully complete the required reading and assessment on the chosen course. A unique numbered certificate will be issued in your name for each successfully completed assessment. You need to keep this certificate for when you are audited by the HPCSA.

Accounting and Finance e-Learning products: These CPD courses work on the principle of self-study. You will have to successfully complete the required reading and activities on the chosen course. Upon completion, a certificate will be issued in your name, indicating the time spent on the course. You will need to submit this certificate to your professional organisation in order for these points to be akcnowledged or verified.

- Check that the information you submitted is correct and is free of errors.
- Contact your bank and ensure that there is no problem with your credit card account or credit limit.
- Ensure that the internet connection is stable and perhaps try during off-peak periods.
- Please do not hesitate to contact us because we would like to resolve this as soon as possible to ensure that you are able to start with your CPD course and gain the required CPD points.
- Please send us a detailed email to: or contact (021) 659 2300.

Manuscripts can be submitted for consideration to the following divisions:

Law Publications - Edmund Beerwinkel


Academic Publications - Melissa Toerien


All printed submissions can be addressed as above and mailed to:

PO Box 24299, Lansdowne, 7779


Please make use of the product enquiry facility on this website catalogue should you wish to receive a formal quotation for any print or electronic publication/s.

Product queries generated on this website will be forwarded on to Juta Customer Services for processing and will be subject to the customer's acceptance of the price and terms and conditions of sale and use before being confirmed.

Juta publications may be ordered from Juta Customer Services, Juta Sales and Business Consultants, Juta Website and selected local and international traders and agents.

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