Understanding Banking Law in Zambia

Commentary and Legislation

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  • 9781485108849
  • 1st Edition
  • 554 Pages
  • 2015

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2015 - 1st Edition

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About this Publication:

Understanding Banking Law in Zambia is the first text to explain and analyse banking law in Zambia. The book introduces the reader to, inter alia, bank regulation, central banking, duties of banks, confidentiality, cheques, security for bank loans, financial crimes and money laundering. The Bank of Zambia Act and the Banking and Financial Services Act are included in the book as appendices for ease of reference.

Contents Include:

  • What is a bank?
  • Introduction to bank regulation
  • Organisation and administration of banks and financial institutions
  • Central banking
  • Banks and their customers
  • Bank’s duty of confidentiality
  • Types of accounts
  • Opening of accounts and termination of relationships
  • Cheques
  • Banks and finance
  • Security for bank loans
  • Other types of securities for bank loans
  • Money laundering and financial crime and banks
  • Insolvency, dissolution and liquidation of banks and financial institutions
  • Appendices
    • The Bank of Zambia Act 43 of 1996
    • The Bank of Zambia Foreign Currency Regulations
    • The Bank of Zambia Minimum Liquidity Ratios and Reserve Requirements Notice
    • The Bank of Zambia Credit Guarantee Scheme Regulations

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Bankers in Southern Africa           
  • Financial consultants
  • Legal practitioners
  • Banking law students in Zambia