Learning School, The

A Psycho-Social Approach to School Development

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  • Soft Cover
  • 9781485102410
  • 3rd edition
  • 220
  • 2014


Davidoff, S ; Lazarus, S ; Moolla, N



3rd Edition

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About this Publication:

Developing effective schools which provide relevant, meaning-filled, quality education in South Africa today is a daunting task. Since apartheid was dismantled, the educational environment of many schools is still rife with the structural inequalities and challenges that form part of apartheid’s legacy. And in the current South African educational system, enabling policy frameworks only go so far in creating a meaningful school environment.

This updated edition of The Learning School offers educators insights, guidelines and a holistic perspective on how to engage with the development of a school, using a psycho-social approach. It emphasises the importance of teachers having a sense of purpose and belonging in education; that teaching and learning can make a difference; and the crucial role teaching and learning can play as a healing force in society. It stresses that real and lasting change in schools can only happen through the passion and commitment of educators over a sustained period of time.


Contents Include:

Chapter 1: Schools in context

Chapter 2: A framework for understanding and developing schools

Chapter 3: Understanding school development

Chapter 4: Leadership, management and governance

Chapter 5: Culture

Chapter 6: Identity

Chapter 7: Strategy

Chapter 8: Structures and procedures

Chapter 9: Technical support

Chapter 10: People support and development

Chapter 11: Last reflections

Of Interest and Benefit to:

The Learning School is a stimulating and essential handbook for principals, teachers, district support practitioners and others interested in the holistic development of schools, particularly within a developing context such as South Africa.

Key Benefits:

The book also offers:

  • A framework for understanding your school in a holistic way
  • Organisation development strategies for addressing particular problems
  • Practical workshop exercises and activities
  • A case study of a South African school.

"Learning School, The"