De Haan's Health of Southern Africa 11e

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  • Soft Cover
  • 9781485102366
  • 11th edition
  • 346 pages
  • 2016


Vasuthevan, S ; Mthembu, S


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About this Publication:

Now in its eleventh edition, De Haan’s Health of Southern Africa has been updated so that it is aligned with new as well as legacy nursing qualifications, and remains a ‘must-have’ source of information. Text on the Sustainable Development Goals, antimicrobial stewardship and infection control practices surrounding Ebola have been added. The three chapters on environmental health have been revised and strengthened. All content focuses on the situation in southern Africa and the local burden of disease.

Contents Include:

Chapter 1: Overview of health in southern Africa

Chapter 2: The United Nations and the World Health Organization

Chapter 3:Health policy and systems in South Africa and the southern Africa                         regions

Chapter 4: Primary healthcare and promoting health through health education

Chapter 5: Epidemiology and health information

Chapter 6: Non-communicable/ lifestyle diseases

Chapter 7: Microbiology and the transmission of infection 

Chapter 8: Infection control

Chapter 9: Communicable diseases

Chapter 10: Genetic factors in health and disease

Chapter 11: Sustainable development

Chapter 12: Health needs throughout the lifespan

Chapter 13: Accidents in the home 

Chapter 14: Social and mental health

Chapter 15: Safe water and sanitation

Chapter 16: Food security and nutrition

Chapter 17: Environmental sustainability 


Key Benefits:

• A chapter on genetics linked to photographs on the Juta website which illustrate    the conditions described.

• A chapter on non-communicable diseases/diseases of lifestyle and the southern    African disease profile.

• A new focus on infection control and the concept ‘bundles of care’ to reinforce       these important aspects.

• A support site with resources for lecturers and students to enrich the teaching     and learning experience.