African Renaissance and the Afro-Arab Spring, The

A Season of Rebirth

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Villa-Vicencio,C ; Doxtader,E ; Moosa,E


UCT Press

1st edition

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About this Publication:

The hope and despair surrounding the Afro-Arab Spring in North African countries have only just begun to be played out in regional and global politics. Similarly, the call for an African renaissance that followed what has been called a ‘miraculous’ negotiated political transition in South Africa is, 20 years later, viewed with ambiguity.

It is clear that current developments in Africa – North and South – promise something markedly different to what has prevailed at any point since the dawn of the African independence movements in the 1950s. This inspires the suggestion that these developments are reminiscent of the ‘European moment’ in 1989 that saw the fall of the Berlin Wall. Countries such as Mali, the Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Somalia and Zimbabwe are experiencing turbulence every bit as challenging as that in the Afro-Arab countries and South Africa.

This book specifically identifies and assesses lessons learned and insights gained from the South African transition and considers whether these lessons and insights have any significance for Arab Spring countries. In turn, current protests and emerging threats to democracy in the Arab Spring countries are highlighted as realities which South Africa would do well to ponder.

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Contents Include:

Introduction: Beginning Again? The Question of a Continent
1. From Cairo to the Cape: The Dilemmas of Revolution     
2. Gathering the Pieces: The Structural, Social, and Psychological Elements of     African Renewal
3. Understanding a Flawed Miracle: The History, Dynamics, and Continental     Implications of South Africa’s Transition    
4. Irreconcilable Truths? Gender-based Violence and the Struggle to Build an Inclusive History    
5. Managing Transition: Lessons from Tunisia            
6. Libya:  A Transition in Transition                    
7. The Pharaoh Returns: The ‘Politics of Order’ and the Muslim Yearning for Freedom            
8. Political Theology in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring    
9. The One and the Many: Religious Coexistence and Belonging in Post-Apartheid Society       
10.A Popular Revolution? Gender Inequality and Political Change in North Africa  
11.A ‘New’ Pan-Africanism                           
12.The Potential of an African Assertion – Once More, In the Name of a Renaissance

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Academics, scholars and the general reader interested in African Studies, International Relations and current affairs on the African continent.