South African Yearbook of International Law

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  • Soft Cover
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  • Annual periodical
  • 301 pages
  • 2014


Ferreira-Snyman, MP (Editor)

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2015 Edition

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About this Publication:

The South African Yearbook of International Law is the only South African journal devoted solely to international law. Published annually since 1975 by the VerLoren van Themaat Centre for Public Law Studies at Unisa, issues from 2014 onwards will be published by Juta.

The South African Yearbook of International Law is a well-received, peer-reviewed journal, with an outstanding group of Editors and Editorial Board. Accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training, The South African Yearbook of International Law is the leading reference source on the development of international law in South Africa, and covers a wide variety of current topics in international law.

Contents Include:

  • Articles
    • Armed conflict and the environment: Perspectives from African Union law – C Kentaro and W Scholtz
    • The use of citizenship and nationality as instruments of control – GM Ferreira and MP Ferreira-Snyman
    • The human security dimensions of Ebola and the role of the UN Security Council in fighting health pandemics: Some reflections on resolution 2177/2014 – IR Pavone
    • International responsibility of armed opposition groups – A Berkes
  • Judicial decisions
    • Land sovereignty and the Law of the Sea Convention 
      • Land sovereignty and the Law of the Sea Convention: Chagos Marine Protected Area Arbitration (Republic of Mauritius v United Kingdom) – P Vrancken and SY Ntola
    • Jurisdiction of South African courts to investigate crimes against humanity committed outside of South Africa
      • National Commissioner of the South African Police Service v Southern African Human Rights Litigation Centre and another 2015 (1) SA 315 (CC) – D Tladi and M Bradley
    • Feature on Boko Haram
      • Boko Haram and international law: Mapping the legal terrain for responding to insurgencies and armed conflicts in Africa
      • Tackling the Boko Haram insurgency: Causes, challenges and responses – M Addaney
      • Assessing the legality of Cameroon’s responses to Boko Haram attacks on Cameroonian territory – A Agbor
      • Responding to Boko Haram: Why the African Union must lead the fight against the insurgency – S Ncube
    • South Africa’s international relations during a second term: Domestic interests within global dynamics – D Kotzé
    • Southern African events of international significance - 2013 – M Beukes
    • Treaties
      • Bilateral – R van der Walt
      • Multilateral – R van der Walt

Of Interest and Benefit to:

Academics and practitioners in the field of international law