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Kidd, M (Managing Editor) ; Couzens, W F ; Glazewski, J ; Ridl, J A ; Paterson, A

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About this Publication:

The South African Journal of Environmental Law and Policy is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes contributions related to environmental law and policy. It provides a forum for scholars and practitioners from South Africa and around the world to reflect on issues of significance locally and internationally.

Also available online incorporating issues from 2016 to current.

Contents Include:

Volume 23 — 2017:

  • Abstracts
  • Articles
    • Using the South African law of trusts to predict some features of the nascent South African public trust doctrine - Andrew Muir
    • Grassroots responses to water poverty, and the limitations of a right to water in South Africa and Malawi - Nathan Cooper
    • Challenges and strategies in the regulation of industrial pollution in Ethiopia: An overview - Tsegai Berhane Ghebretekle
    • Regulation of Chinese infrastructure companies’ environmental and social impacts in host countries overseas: A study of the Chinese-built standard gauge railway project in Kenya - Bingyu Liu
    • Protected areas law, mining and the principle of non-regression – a South African perspective - Alexander Paterson
    • A note on licences as property: Some implications for the South African water regulatory regime - Germarie Viljoen
    • Keeping the rhino (debate) alive: Swaziland’s proposal at CITES CoP17 in 2016 - Laurenne Coetzee and Ed Couzens
  • Obituary: John Milton - Michael Kidd

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