Media Studies Volume 3 1e (Revised Reprint)

Media Content and Media Audiences

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  • Soft Cover
  • 9781485125501
  • 1st edition (Revised Reprint)
  • 684 pages
  • 2017


Fourie, PJ




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About this Publication:

In the third volume of this series, Media Studies, the emphasis is on media content and media audiences. Media content and media audiences (or users) are covered from methodological and theoretical perspectives.
For the revised reprint of this volume, a new introduction has been included to highlight the relevance of the current content and to contextualise within it the content of Volume 4 Social (New) Media and Mediated Communication Today (2017).
Part 1 of the book deals with: quantitative content analysis; communication and media semiotics; media, language and discourse; media and visual literacy; visual text analysis; textual analysis: narrative and argument; narrative analysis; film theory and criticism Part 2 deals with: media audience theory (dealing with the uses and gratification theory, reception theory and ethnography); questionnaire surveys in media research; field research in media studies; measuring media audiences; psychoanalysis and television as an illustration of an applied theoretical approach in media audience research.

Contents Include:

Chapter 1: Quantitative Content Analysis
Chapter 2: Communication and Media Semiotics
Chapter 3: Media, Language and Discourse
Chapter 4: Media and visual Literacy
Chapter 5: visual Text Analysis
Chapter 6: Textual Analysis: Narrative and Argument
Chapter 7: Narrative Analysis
Chapter 8: Film Theory and Criticism
Chapter 9: Media Audience Theory
Chapter 10: Questionnaire Surveys in Media Research
Chapter 11: Field Research in Media Studies
Chapter 12: Measuring Media Audiences
Chapter 13: Psychoanalysis and Television