Media Studies Volume 2 2e (Revised Reprint)

Policy Management and Media Representation

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  • Soft Cover
  • 9781485125488
  • 2nd edition (Revised Reprint)
  • 565 pages
  • 2017


Fourie, PJ




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About this Publication:

In the second volume of the four-part textbook series on Media Studies the emphasis is again on the relationship between media and society. While further exploring media as an institution, this volume also introduces the topics of media regulation and content.  Volume 2 is guided in part by the question: How do we control and manage the media? Communications policy is explained, with overviews of how the Southern African media is externally and internally regulated to ensure a well-organised and disciplined modern media system. Strategic ways of managing the media are discussed.   The book deals with the concept of media representation: How does the media reflect and represent reality or its aspects? Is the news that is presented an accurate portrayal of reality? How does the media deal with identity, race, gender, sexual orientation, the environment, AIDS, violence and terrorism?   This section thus critically analyses questions about how the media depicts people, topics, organisations and issues.

Contents Include:

Part 1: Media Policy
Chapter 1: The nature of media and communications policy
Chapter 2: External media regulation in South Africa
Chapter 3: Internal media regulation in South Africa
Part 2: Media Management
Chapter 4: Media and communication markets
Chapter 5: Strategic media management
Part 3: Representation
Chapter 6: Representation defined
Chapter 7: News as representation
Chapter 8: Media and the construction of identity
Chapter 9: Media and race
Chapter 10: Gender and the media
Chapter 11: Media and sexual orientation: the portrayal of gays and lesbians
Chapter 12: Media and the environment
Chapter 13: Media and HIV/AIDS
Chapter 14: Media and violence
Chapter 15: Media and terrorism