Mainstreaming Climate Change in Urban Development (Print) 1e

Lessons from Cape Town

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  • Soft Cover
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  • 1st Edition
  • 366 Pages
  • 2019


Scott, D ; Davies, H ; New, M

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2019 - 1st Edition

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About this Publication:

Cape Town’s drought crisis grabbed global headlines in 2018 and its causes and solutions were – and continue to be — hotly debated. But managing water shortages and other climate change impacts have been integrated into the city’s urban policy-making for some time, in response to rapid urbanisation and uncertainty about the exact nature, timing and magnitude of city-scale climatic changes. This book presents initiatives at the local government level, across a range of departments, from environmental resource management to housing, stormwater management, water management, energy management and spatial planning. In addition, it records the progress made and challenges faced in mainstreaming climate change into urban policies, processes, programmes and practices, a problem facing most urban areas around the world. The text was co-produced by academics and municipal officials, including economists, engineers, ecologists, geographers and planners, who worked collaboratively in a process of mutual learning. This hybrid process, where practitioner experience is coupled with an academic and research perspective, has produced an ‘insider’ view of urban development and climate change governance through the lens of theory. The result provides new practice-based knowledge for policy-making in the transition towards more sustainable cities in the face of climate change, particularly those in the global South.

‘The book presents a new framework for analysing climate change mainstreaming, but also examines the enactment of different forms of governance to manage climate and urban development’.

Contents Include:

  • Introduction: co-producing knowledge on climate change and urban development – Dianne Scott, Helen Davies, Anna Taylor, Mark New 
  • Climate change challenges in African cities: four perspectives on progress and opportunities – Gina Ziervogel, Lorena Pasquini, Anna Taylor, Mark New
  • An overview of climate change and urban development in Cape Town – Anna Taylor, Helen Davies 
  • Responding to climate change and urban development through the co-production of knowledge – Dianne Scott, Pippin Anderson, Amy Davison, Saskia Greyling, Zarina Patel, Lucia Thesen, Mathilde van der Merwe 
  • Building energy efficiency in City of Cape Town operations: the role of the energy intermediary – Sumaya Mahomed, Louise Tait, Wikus Kruger 
  • Water demand management in Cape Town: managing water security in a changing climate – Ken Sinclair-Smith, Kevin Winter 
  • Overcoming urban sprawl: exploring the potential and challenges of implementing social housing in Cape Town – Nicola Sasman, Liza Cirolia 
  • Conservation planning for climate change in a rapidly developing city. Two case studies: the Biodiversity Network for Cape Town and the Conservation Implementation Plan for False Bay Strandveld – Patricia Holmes, Pippin Anderson, Amalia Pugnalin, Julia Wood, Clifford Dorse 
  • The sea change of coastal risk management in the City of Cape Town: towards a new paradigm of collaborative governance – Sarah Chippendale, Merle Sowman, Darryl Colenbrander 
  • Reframing urban flood responses: gravel platforms as a means to address emergency flood relief and climate change adaptation? – Zahra Noorbuckus, Gina Ziervogel 
  • Managing stormwater and flood risk in a changing climate: charting urban adaptation pathways in Cape Town – Anna Taylor 
  • Assessing the management effectiveness of the City of Cape Town’s protected areas as a tool for climate change resilience – Julia Wood, Pippin Anderson, Clifford Dorse, Patricia Holmes, Leighan Mossop 
  • The Dassenberg Coastal Catchment Partnership: a governance approach to promoting ecosystem-based adaptation and climate resilient protected areas expansion in Cape Town – Clifford Dorse, Julia Wood, Dianne Scott, Alexander Paterson
  • Environmental fiscal reform: efforts at co-producing the transition to a climate-resilient economy in Cape Town – Anton Cartwright, David Savage
  • Reflections on the mainstreaming of climate change into urban development decision-making in the City of Cape Town – Dianne Scott, Anna Taylor, Helen Davies, Mark New 
  • APPENDIX A: The institutional structure of the City of Cape Town municipality prior to the Organisational Development and Transformation Plan of August 2017 – Darryl Colebrander 
  • APPENDIX B: City of Cape Town Executive Structure Organogram as part of the Organisational Development and Transformation Plan

Of Interest and Benefit to:

Scholars, practitioners and general informed readers interested in development and climate change governance innovations in cities in the Global South; Environmental Studies, Development Studies, Climate Science, Human Geography, Urban Studies, Organisational Development, Science and Technology Studies and Sociology; also scholars of science and society, transitions and knowledge co-production.