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van Niekerk, L (Current Author)



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About this Publication:

The Listening & Language Home Programme, written by Liesel van Niekerk (Speech and Hearing Teacher), is a home schooling programme which helps your child to develop his/her language skills.

The programme teaches your child listening skills, logical reasoning, the correct use of grammatical, structures, language concepts and descriptive language and also helps to improve vocabulary. It offers practical advice and allows the child to progress at his/her own pace.

Contents Include:

Each programme is divided into thirty-two weeks, with fun activities to be completed each week:

WEEK ONE: My body 
WEEK TWO: I can move my body 
WEEK THREE: These are my feet 
WEEK FOUR: These are my eyes 
WEEK FIVE: Shapes and colours 
WEEK SIX: Opposites 
WEEK SEVEN: These are my ears 
WEEK EIGHT: Sorting sounds 
WEEK NINE: This is my nose 
WEEK TEN: Revision games (1)
WEEK ELEVEN: This is my skin 
WEEK TWELVE: This is my tongue 
WEEK THIRTEEN: Feelings and faces 
WEEK FIFTEEN: Listen and learn (Clothes) 
WEEK SEVENTEEN: Rhyming words (Revision games(2))
WEEK EIGHTEEN: This is a house 
WEEK NINETEEN: This is where I live 
WEEK TWENTY: The bedroom 
WEEK TWENTY-ONE: The bathroom 
WEEK TWENTY-TWO: The living room/lounge 
WEEK TWENTY-FOUR: Let’s bake together (Revision games (3)) 
WEEK TWENTY-FIVE: Listen and do 
WEEK TWENTY-SIX: Categorisation (1)
WEEK TWENTY-SEVEN: Categorisation (2)
WEEK THIRTY: Furniture and transport 
WEEK THIRTY-ONE: Occupations / Jobs 
WEEK THIRTY-TWO: Revision games (4)

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Parents;
  • Caregivers; and
  • Teachers of Foundation Phase learners

Key Benefits:

  • Designed to be used out of the classroom as a teaching tool
  • Suitable for home schooling
  • Alligned with CAPS Curriculum 



Customer Reviews:


This programme is not only very good for listening and language skills, but also for broadening general knowledge and perception. Megan loves the work. Thanks.

- Rev. and Mrs Scheepers


The child and parent are both involved in the programme. My child’s vocabulary has improved a great deal.

- Mr and Mrs L Soni


We appreciate the vast improvement in Melissa’s ability and selfconfi dence. It involves the parent with the child’s schooling.

- Mr and Mrs Williams


Thank you for a super programme. Ryan and I enjoy doing the work. It is fun as well as educational and I have noticed a defi nite improvement in Ryan’s language usage.

- Mr C. Cross