Juta's Property Law Library Bundle (11-Volume Set)

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11-Volume Bundle

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About this Publication:

Juta's Property Law Library bundle comprises eleven titles from the popular Juta's Property Library series.

The series aims at revisiting and reassessing the whole of South African property law, including the uncodified common law that is mostly embodied in case law and academic writing, in order to establish how each aspect of property law was influenced by apartheid law, how it responds to the new constitutional dispensation (including land reform), and whether it could make a contribution towards the transformation of South African law and society.

Contents Include:

  • Constitutional Property Law - 3rd edition
  • Land Reform 
  • Law of Landlord and Tenant, The
  • Law of Neighbours, The 
  • Law of Servitudes, The
  • Planning Law
  • Property in Minerals and Petroleum
  • Property Remedies
  • Real Security Law
  • Sectional Titles and Other Fragmented Property Schemes
  • Transformative Property Law: Festschrift in honour of A J van de Walt

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Property law practitioners 
  • Justice officials 
  • Magistrates 
  • Academics and students 
  • Libraries