Safety Systems (WebPDF)

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  • 2016


Naidoo, P (Editor)

1st Edition

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About this Publication:

Where does a safety professional start with processes to reduce risk and create a safer work environment? The answer is with a systems approach to safety. Safety Systems covers the nitty-gritty of this approach, including how to develop a System Safety Programme Plan (SSPP). Different tools and methods of analysing and evaluating safety data are also discussed.

Contents Include:

Chapter 1 Elements of a safety system
Chapter 2 The difference between a priori and a posteriori safety Knowledge
Chapter 3 System safety programme plan (SSPP)
Chapter 4 Quantitative methods and safety data analysis
Chapter 5 Evaluation tools for safety and risk analysis

Of Interest and Benefit to:

The book is an ideal resource for safety management students, safety practitioners, business managers and owners.

Key Benefits:

The book is an ideal resource for students of safety management, safety practitioners, business managers and owners. Some of the features that make Safety Systems valuable are:

• a uniquely South African perspective, making the information relevant to any       South African organisation

• integration of practical and theoretical knowledge

• learning outcomes and key terms to guide the reader

• self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter to test the reader’s              understanding of the material.