Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa, The (CILSA) (Print)

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Abioye, F (Editor) ; Mailula, D T (Editor) ; Schulze, H C A W (Editor) ; Botha, N J (Editor)

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About this Publication:

The Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa (CILSA) is a peer-reviewed academic publication and an accredited South African law journal with a wide international circulation. The journal is published three times a year (March, July, November). We welcome contributions from both South African and non-South African academics and young researchers.

Also available online incorporating issues from 2017 to current.

Contents Include:


    • Cooperation in Outer Space Activities: South Africa’s Role as a Member State of the African Union and BRICS - Anél Ferreira-Snyman
    • International Law and Indigenous People: Self-Determination, Development, Consent and Co-Management - George N Barrie 
    • Precaution against What? – The Electronic or E-authentication Frameworks of the United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa - Mzukisi N Njotini
    • The Rule of Law and Integrity: Appraising the Place and Role of Anti-Corruption Standards in the Fight against Corruption within the Central African Economic and Monetary Community - Caroline J Nwabueze and Diane Pofinet
    • Intervening for Democracy: The Threat or Use of Force and Crisis in The Gambia - Andrew G Jones 
    • Student (K-12) Data Protection in the Digital Age: A Comparative Study - Kai Feng and Sylvia Papadopoulos

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