Commentary on the Companies Act of 2008 (Print)

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  • 2018


Yeats, JL ; de la Harpe, R ; Jooste, R ; Stoop, H ; Cassim, R ; Seligmann, J ; Kent, L ; Bradstreet, R ; Williams, RC ; Cassim, MF ; Swanepoel, E ; Cassim, FHI ; Jarvis, K


Commercial Law

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About this Publication:

The all-new Commentary on the Companies Act of 2008 draws on the academic expertise and practical experience of 13 authors to bring you the most current and comprehensive commentary on the Companies Act, 2008 available today.

Comprising a section-by-section commentary on the Companies Act 71 of 2008, this subscription publication offers a closely argued analysis of every provision in the context of the Act, of its historical development, and of its interpretation by our courts. The style is clear and eminently readable. Abundant references to South African and comparable foreign case and statute law, as well as legal literature, are contained in the footnotes. Discussions and commentary on these aspects are also included in the body of the text where relevant and instructive.

Commentary on the Companies Act of 2008 replaces the iconic Blackman: Commentary on the Companies Act, while retaining parts of the original work that are important for historical reference purposes or that inform and enhance the insights and commentary in this new work.

Contents Include:

  • Section-by-section commentary on the Companies Act 71 of 2008
  • Regulations in terms of the Act and commentary
  • Practice Notes
  • Index to Companies Act and commentary

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Legal practitioners
  • Legal advisers
  • Legal academics
  • Government departments
  • Corporates
  • Accountants and auditors

Key Benefits:

  • The most detailed, current and comprehensive commentary available on the Companies Act, 2008;
  • Drawing on the academic expertise and practical experience of 13 authors, it provides valuable detailed and original critical commentary on all the sections of the Act and the Regulations; 
  • It provides in-depth insight into the way in which the statute relates to common law, foreign law and the company law provisions in comparable foreign jurisdictions.

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