Biodiversity in Danger

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Schreuder, D


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Facto and his parents are still holidaying at the seaside where he comes across a few rock pools which are severely polluted. Facto is upset by people’s carelessness and the way in which they pollute their environment. He knows that littering is just pure selfishness because environmental pollution is harmful is to all forms of life. The Flixies discuss how biodiversity is being threatened by the selfish deeds of people. He hears about the warning signs staring us in the face and he wonders how long it will be before humans have harmed Spaceship Earth and all its crew so severely that it will become just as dry and lifeless as Mars or Jupiter!

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Flixies addresses two very important challenges in our Education System, namely, reading without comprehension and environmental issues. Seven critical Thinking Skills have been identified through which this series endeavours to teach reading comprehension in the intermediate phase.