Africa's Urban Revolution

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  • 320
  • 2014


Parnell, S ; Pieterse, E


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About this Publication:

The facts of Africa’s rapid urbanisation are startling. By 2030 African cities will have grown by more than 350 million people and over half the continent's population will be urban. Yet in the minds of policy-makers, scholars and much of the general public, Africa remains a quintessentially rural place. This lack of awareness and robust analysis means it is difficult to make a policy case for a more overtly urban agenda. As a result, there is across the continent insufficient urgency directed to responding to the challenges and opportunities associated with the world’s last major wave of urbanisation.
Drawing on the expertise of scholars and practitioners associated with UCT’s African Centre for Cities, and utilising a diverse array of case studies, Africa's Urban Revolution provides a comprehensive insight into the key issues - demographic, cultural, political, technical, environmental and economic - surrounding African urbanisation.
Africa's Urban Revolution provides a fascinating look, both empirically and theoretically, at an eclectic mix of contemporary urban issues in Africa. Promoting long-term planning that directs and informs African urbanisation is the key message of the authors. This book is a must-read for scholars of the urban South.' - Professor Ronnie Donaldson, Stellenbosch University

Contents Include:

1. Africa's urban revolution in context
2. Conflict and post-war transition in African cities
3. Sub-Saharan African urbanisation and global environmental change
4. Linking urbanisation and development in Africa's economic revival
5. Religion and social life in African cities
6. Feeding African cities: the growing challenge of urban food insecurity
7. Transport pressures in urban Africa: practices, policies, perspectives
8. Decentralisation and institutional reconfiguration in urban Africa
9. The challenge of urban planning law reform in African cities
10. The education and research imperatives of urban planning professionals in Africa
11. Filling the void: an agenda for tackling African urbanisation
12. Infrastructure, real economies and social transformation: assembling the components for regional urban development in Africa
13. National urbanisation and urban strategies: necessary but absent policy instruments in Africa
14. Urbanisation as a global historical process: theory and evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
Postscript: Building new knowledge and networks to foster sustainable urban development

Of Interest and Benefit to:

Academics and scholars of urbanisation and development studies, policy-makers and urban planners.