African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law (Online)

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About this Publication:

The African Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law (AYIHL) is an annual legal journal which aims to promote interest and research in International Humanitarian Law and Policy. The AYIHL provides an attractive and positive forum for publications on all aspects of International Humanitarian Law of relevance to Africa and African academics.

Through its encouragement of interest and research in the area, the publication contributes to the prevention of violations of international humanitarian law.

Available in an online format incorporating issues from __ to current and as a print subscription (one issue per annum).

Contents Include:

  • Articles 
  • Notes 
  • Book Reviews

Of Interest and Benefit to:

Academics and practitioners in the field of International Humanitarian Law.

Key Benefits:

  • Includes all issues from 2016 to current
  • Hyperlinks facilitate easy navigation 
  • Powerful electronic searching allows for easy and rapid access to information