Africa Journal of Comparative Constitutional Law (2016 to Current) (Online)

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M K Mbondenyi (Editor-in-Chief) ; T Kabau (Editor-in-Chief) ; B Kiberenge (Editor-in-Chief)

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About this Publication:

Hosted by the Kenya School of Law in Nairobi, and supported by a distinguished International Advisory Board the Africa Journal of Comparative Constitutional Law (AJCCL) provides expert analysis of and commentary on constitutional issues affecting Africa. The articles and reviews (of books and cases) contained in the Journal also draw comparisons between our own constitutional laws and those of other, African and non-African jurisdictions.

Available online from 2016 to current and as an annual print periodical.

Contents Include:

2017, Volume 1

  • Articles
    • The Potential Role of Directive Principles of State Policies for Transformative Constitutionalism in Africa - Berihun Adugna Gebeye
    • Interpreting the Power of the Kenyan Senate to Oversee National Revenue Allocated to the County Governments: Building a Constitutionally Tenable Approach - Conrad M Bosire
    • Human Rights and Family-policy Issues under Kenya’s Marriage Act of 2014 - Michael Nyongesa Wabwile
    • Procedural Technicalities in the Resolution of Election Disputes by the Supreme Court of Kenya - Muriuki Muriungi
    • Proscription of Floor Crossing in Nigeria: The Limits of the Constitution and the Supreme Court - Gabriel O Arishe
    • The Right of Access to Information in the Kenyan Constitution: An Indirect Denial of Other Fundamental Rights to Non-citizens? - Ndivhuwo Ishmel Moleya
  • Book Review
    • Jean Thomas, Public Rights, Private Relations (Oxford University Press 2015) - Brian Sang YK

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