Africa Journal of Comparative Constitutional Law

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M K Mbondenyi (Editor-in-Chief) ; T Kabau (Editor-in-Chief) ; B Kiberenge (Editor-in-Chief)

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About this Publication:

The Africa Journal of Comparative Constitutional Law (AJCCL) is a recent addition to the range of regional journals published by Juta and Company Limited. Hosted by the Kenya School of Law in Nairobi, and supported by a distinguished International Advisory Board, the AJCCL provides expert analysis of and commentary on constitutional issues affecting Africa. The articles and reviews (of books and cases) contained in the Journal also draw comparisons between our own constitutional laws and those of other, African and non-African jurisdictions.

Contents Include:

Issue 1, 2016

  • Articles
    • Befriending the Judiciary: Behind and Beyond the 2016 Supreme Court Amicus Curiae Rulings in Uganda - J Oloka-Onyango and Christopher Mbazira
    • Constitutional Dilemmas in the Recovery of Corruptly Acquired Assets in Kenya: Strengthening Judicial Assault on Corruption - Tom Kabau
    • Accommodation and Altercation: The Challenge of Legal Pluralism in India and South Africa - Niharika Bahl
    • Another Perpetuation of Incumbency through the Supreme Law: The Conceptualisation of the Presidency under the 1995 Constitution of Uganda - Fredrick Sekindi
    • Global Constitutionalism in the Context of the Third World: Remarks in Pursuit of a New Paradigm - Aydin Atilgan

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