ABC of Conveyancing, The (Online)

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  • Online
  • 2308-202X
  • 2008


Kilbourn, L (Founding Author) ; Botha, M (Current Author)


Property, Law of

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About this Publication:

Published since 2008 in loose-leaf format (ISBN 978-0-7021-7876-4), ABC of Conveyancing is now also available online.

This work deals with all aspects of conveyancing without presupposing any previous knowledge of conveyancing. It carefully explains all concepts and provides a step by step explanation through the conveyancing process. Apart from numerous examples, each chapter provides an overview of the learning outcome as well as a ‘test yourself’ section. All steps in the conveyancing process are illustrated with samples of documents, forms and precedents.

Contents Include:

  • What conveyancing is about
  • Immovable property, ownership and real rights
  • The different faces of property ownership: freehold, leasehold, sectional titles, and others
  • The South African Deeds Registration System
  • The law relating to conveyancing
  • Role-players in the transfer process
  • Receiving and processing the transfer instruction
  • Agreements: Terminology, legal principles and practice
  • Common clauses in a property sale agreement
  • Deeds office print-outs and deeds searches
  • The FICA and its implications for conveyancing transactions
  • Communicating with the role-players at the outset of the transfer
  • The legal nature of clients
  • Marriage law and conveyancing
  • Companies, close corporations, trusts, partnerships
  • Information and documents required
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Drafting and signing of transfer documents
  • Managing the finances in the transfer file
  • Transfer duty and VAT
  • Rates/levy clearance, beetle and electrical compliance certificates
  • Introduction to mortgage bonds
  • Different types of bonds and drafting of bond documents
  • Finances, lodgment, registration and winding up the file
  • Cancellation of mortgage bonds
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Brief summary of the National Credit Act from a conveyancing perspective

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Conveyancing secretaries
  • Paralegals
  • Mortgage originators
  • Estate agents
  • Bank employees working with mortgage bonds and securities
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about conveyancing

Key Benefits:

  • Contains the full text of the loose-leaf work
  • Hyperlinks allow for easy navigation within the product
  • Powerful electronic searching allows for easy and rapid access to information