Acta Juridica 2007

Restorative Justice: Politics, Policies and Prospects

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  • 2007 Edition

2007 Edition

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Acta Juridica is an annual thematic journal which, for over 50 years, has been published with the Faculty of Law of the University of Cape Town. The editorial team changes each year depending on the subject dealt with in the issue. The focus of Acta Juridica 2007 is restorative justice containing contributions from both South African and international experts on the policies, politics and prospects of the concept of restorative justice in South Africa. Most back issues from 1967 are available on request. Issues are also available in soft cover, as well as electronically on CD-ROM and online from the year 2000 to date.

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  • Academics
  • All those concerned with administrative justice in South Africa
  • Legal practitioners 
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  • In-depth, up-to-date reflections of this area of law and topics selected

"Acta Juridica 2007"