Constitutional Law of South Africa (Online)

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  • 2009


Woolman, S (Editor-in-Chief) ; Bishop, M (Managing Editor)

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About this Publication:

Constitutional Law of South Africa in loose-leaf format is the definitive work on constitutional law in this country, comprising more than 4600 pages in four volumes. The work deals with both the local case law and overseas jurisdictions and engages at length in legal theory. It offers complete reconstructions of legal doctrine, alternative readings of constitutional provisions, and appropriate criticism of judgments and legislation.   Now available in powerful electronic format, this comprehensive commentary on the South African Constitution also contains the Constitution, 1996 and Rules, links to head and flynotes of cases and added relevant legislation. 

Contents Include:

  • The full text of the loose-leaf version of Constitutional Law of South Africa
  • The full text of the Constitution, 1996, and Rules
  • Table of South African and foreign cases referred to in the work.
  • Table of legislation 
  • Hyperlinks from the text to the flynotes and headnotes of judgments referred to in the text.


Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Legal practitioners
  • Judges
  • Magistrates
  • Prosecutors
  • Law libraries
  • Academics
  • Students

Key Benefits:

  • Regularly updated with the latest case law and legislation
  • Comprehensive survey of South Africa's constitutional law
  • Systematic and well structured
  • In-depth review of international comparative case law
  • Critical commentary on the development of constitutional law in South Africa
  • Fully searchable format
  • Handy jump links to related information
  • Convenient print and copy/paste functionalities

"Constitutional Law of South Africa (Online)"