UCTPress - Substance Use and Abuse
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  • 9781919895291
  • 448 pages
  • 2012
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    Substance Use and Abuse in South Africa

    Insights from Brain and Behavioural Sciences


    • Ellis, G (Editor)
    • Stein, D (Editor)
    • Meintjies, E (Editor)
    • Thomas, K (Editor)

    About this Publication:

    Substance abuse is an enormous social problem in South Africa, as elsewhere. But in South Africa in particular, tik (crystal meth, or methamphetamine) and alcohol are devastating society, aggravating poverty and crime, and contributing to child abuse and gender violence. Substance Use and Abuse in South Africa has arisen out of the thriving Brain-Behaviour Initiative (BBI) at the University of Cape Town, which relates neuroscience and behavioural science to social issues. This ground-breaking book looks at the problem of substance abuse from multiple perspectives and particularly in the light of recent discoveries in brain and behavioural science, but also takes a public health view. Its focus ranges from brain imaging and dopaminergic neurocircuitry to policy and prevention. This will be the first book to address the nature of this problem in an integrated way, written by local researchers at the cutting edge.  

    Contents Include:


    -          Substance abuse and abuse in South Africa: Dan Stein, George Ellis, Kevin Thomas, Ernesta Meintjies


    -          Epidemiology and Risk Factors:  Shandir Ramlagan, Karl Peltzer
    -          The clinical presentation of substance-related disorders in South Africa: Don Wilson, Henk Temmingh, Allanah Wilson
    -          Developmental consequences of prenatal drug and alcohol exposure: Colleen M. Adnam
    -          Women and alcohol: Bronwyn Myers, Bavi Vythilingum


    -          Addiction as virtual seeking: evolutionary insights into addiction : David Kibel, Dan J. Stein 
    -          Genetics and molecular biology: Shareefa Dalvie, Fleur Howells
    -          Brain imaging and neural circuitry in MA abuse: Ernesta M. Meintjes, Anne Uhlmann, and Paul Carey
    -           Affective neuroscience of methamphetamine abuse: Susan Malcolm-Smith, Anne Uhlmann, Anthony Hodge, Jonathan Ipser
    -           Neurocognitive effects of alcohol abuse and dependence: Kevin G. F.Thomas and Helen L. Ferrett
    -           Neuropsychoanalytic notes on addiction: Mark Solms, Eleni Pantelis & Jaak Panksepp
    -          Decision-making and substance abuse: a South African perspective: Don Ross
    -          Animal models of substance abuse: Vivienne A Russell, Jacqueline Dimatelis, William M U Daniels


    -     Youth and substances: Neo K. Morojele, Eileen Rich, Alan J. Flisher, Bronwyn Myers
    -     Evaluated interventions to prevent substance abuse among young South Africans: Cleo Protogerou, Alan J. Flisher, Neo K. Morojele
    -     Interpersonal violence in South Africa and substance misuse: some perspectives on the connections: Catherine L. Ward
    -     Substance use, stigma, and health literacy:   a conceptual  framework: Katherine Sorsdahl and Dan J Stein
    -     Addiction:  philosophy and ethics: Wllie Pienaar
    -     Clinical treatment of substance abuse and dependence in South  Africa: Henk Temmingh and Bronwyn Myers
    -     Substance abuse policy in South Africa: Crick Lund and Noxolo Hewana

    Of Interest and Benefit to:

    Clinicians, academics interested in substance abuse, policy-makers, lay people interested in South African social issues and their relation to current research.