Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999 & Regulations


Further Legislative Developments

  • Borrowing powers of Water Boards listed under Schedule 3 part B of the Act published (GN 634 in GG 41724 of 21 June 2018) (p4)
  • Exemption of Zastrovect Investment (Proprietary) Limited from provisions of the Act for a 2-year period published (GN 667 in GG 41754 of 6 July 2018) (p124)
  • National Commissioner of the Department of Correctional Services: Financial delegation of powers, activities and duties in terms of the Act and the Treasury Regulations, 2005 published (GN 960 in GG 41913 of 21 September 2018) (p130)


Proposed Future Developments 

  • Draft Public Finance Management Amendment Bill, 2018, notice of intention to introduce private member's bill and explanatory summary published for comment (GenN 659 in GG 41999 of 25 October 2018) (p4)
  • Public Finance Amendment Bill, 2018 [B41-2018]