Law of Neighbours, The (Online)

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  • 1st Edition
  • 454
  • 2010


Van der Walt, AJ

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About this Publication:

Now also available online, The Law of Neighbours provides a substantive analysis of this area of law. It covers traditional areas of neighbour law, such as party walls and fences, lateral support, encroachment, interference with the natural flow of water, nuisance, and dangers caused by neighbours as well as chapters on neighbour conflicts caused by building, the influence of the new Constitution and the notion of living together as neighbours in the new democracy. The book aims to establish the current state of the law seen against the context of its historical development in South Africa and in the perspective of foreign law. It is also determines whether and how the current position is consistent with the Constitution. 

Contents Include:

  • Full text of the printed work, including:
    - Living together as neighbours
    - Mutual boundaries, party walls and fences
    - Lateral support
    - Encroachment
    - Natural flow of water
    - Nuisance
    - Dangers and threats posed by neighbours
    - Neighbour disputes about building
    - Future development
    - Bibliography
    - Legislation
    - Case law
    - Index
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  • Links to referenced legislation and case law for subscribers to the relevant online publications
  • Fully searchable electronic functionality
  • Follows page numbering of print version for ease of reference

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"Law of Neighbours, The (Online)"