Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 & Regulations

Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 & Regulations


Further Legislative Developments

  • No further legislative developments have been gazetted since publication of this book

Proposed Future Developments

  • Proposed Incorporation of the Code of Practice for zip lines into the Driven Machinery Regulations, 2015 published for comment (GN R136 in GG 40622 of 17 February 2017) (p19)
  • Draft Ergonomics Regulations published for comment (GN R64 in GG 40578 of 27 January 2017) (p23)
  • Draft Explosives Regulations, 2014 published for comment (GN R1402 in GG 40415 of 11 November 2016) (p11)
  • Proposed incorporation of the Code of Practice for Inspection and Testing of Lifts into the Lift, Escalator and Passenger Conveyor Regulations published for comment (GN R52 in GG 41400 of 26 January 2018) (p11)
  • Draft Asbestos Abatement Regulations, 2018 published for comment (GN R29 in GG 41387 of 19 January 2018) (p17)
  • Amended Construction Sector Code published (GenN 931 in GG 41287 of 1 December 2017) (p372)
  • Notice of publication for comment of draft Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Agents published (GN R950 in GG 41904 of 14 September 2018) (p19)
  • Draft Major Hazard Installation Regulations published for comment (GN R1483 in GG 42840 of 15 November 2019) (p22)


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