UCT Press titles longlisted for Humanities Award

Six UCT Press titles have been longlisted for the first Academy of Science in South Africa (ASSAF) Humanities Book Award.

The Award is for writers of a scholarly, well-written work of non-fiction … noteworthy in its contribution to developing new understanding and insight of a topic in the Humanities.

The following titles have been longlisted:

  • From Man to Man, by Olive Schreiner – new edition edited by Dorothy Driver  
  • Growing the Next Generation of Researchers - by Lyn Holness  
  • Hostels, homes, museum – by Leslie Witz and Noëleen Murray 
  • Myth and Meaning – by David Lewis-Williams
  • The Victoria Mxenge Housing Project – by Salma Ismail
  • Community of Insecurity - Laurie Nathan

Click on the links below for more information on these titles:

From Man to Man

Growing the Next Generation of Researchers

Hostels, homes, museum

Myth and Meaning

The Victoria Mxenge housing project

Community of Insecurity