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Juta Awarded Best Academic Publisher 2016

Juta and Company received the 2016 “Best Academic Publisher” award at the annual Sefika Awards dinner hosted by the combined Publishing and Bookselling industries at the Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town, on Tuesday 30 August.

The coveted award is decided by a vote by booksellers using criteria that includes; service, relationships with booksellers, support for launches and publicity.

Lynne Beachy Head, CEO of Juta, said “it is especially pleasing since this award is conferred on us by our customers, the booksellers, and, as such, illustrates the contribution that Juta has made towards their success in a particularly challenging trading year impacted by disruptions in the tertiary education sector.” Beachy Head added “We are grateful to our customers and booksellers for this recognition. It is important as South Africa’s oldest publishing house to remain relevant and at the forefront of innovation, supporting the needs of academics, students’ and our customers in support of learning excellence”.

About Juta and Company

Established in 1853, Juta is South Africa’s leading academic and law publisher trusted for quality academic, legal, professional and school publications in print and electronic format. Juta matches the power of technology with authoritative local content.

Juta offers a comprehensive selection of textbooks and resources developed to meet the curricula of Southern African tertiary institutions. Juta is a leader in the fields of Commerce, Law, Accounting, Communication, Education and Health. Extensive lecturer support materials are available to support lecturer and student success.

Juta products support academic literacy, develop professional competence and workplace readiness and our content focus assists in the decolonisation of curricula.

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