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  • 9781775822059
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  • 1st Edition
  • 2015
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    Myth and Meaning

    San-Bushman folklore in global context


    • Lewis-Williams, J.D (Current Author)

    About this Publication:

    J.D. Lewis-Williams, a leading South African archaeologist and ethnographer, examines the complex myths of the San-Bushmen to create a larger theory of how myth is used in cultures worldwide.

    Exploring ethnographic, archival and archaeological lines of research, he extracts the ‘nuggets’, the far-reaching but often unspoken words and concepts of language and understanding that are opaque to outsiders, to establish a more nuanced theory of the role of these myths in the thought-world and social circumstances of the San.

    The book   
    ● draws from the author’s own work, the unique 19th-century Bleek & Lloyd Archive, more recent ethnographic work, and San rock art
    ● includes well-known San stories such as The Broken String, Mantis Dreams, and Creation of the Eland.

    Contents Include:

    Chapter 1: Myth in its San incarnation         
    Chapter 2: Bringing Home the Honey 
    Chapter 3: The Mantis makes an Eland
    Chapter 4: The Fight with the Meerkats
    Chapter 5: A Visit to the Lion’s House
    Chapter 6: The Mantis Dreams
    Chapter 7: Narrating and Painting  
    Chapter 8: People of the Eland
    Chapter 9: The Broken String
    Chapter 10: ‘They do not possess my stories’

    Of Interest and Benefit to:

    Academics, and the general reader, interested in Anthropology, African ethnography, First Peoples, Religion, Folklore, Rock Art and African Studies.