Botswana Law Reports, The (Online)

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About this Publication:

This resource incorporates the official law reports, covering precedent-setting Botswana case law since 1964. It provides comprehensive coverage of all the decisions of the Court of Appeal, High Court and the Industrial Court. A subject index, table of cases, case annotations and legislation annotations enable thorough and accurate location of cases on point. Flynotes and headnotes have been expertly written for each case, saving time in legal research.

The Botswana Law Reports is also available in print.

Contents Include:

  • Judges List
  • Table of cases
  • Subject Index
  • Cases Judicially Considered
  • Statutes Judicially Considered
  • Headnoted and edited judgments

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Judicial officers and prosecutors
  • Advocates
  • Lawyers
  • Libraries
  • Academics
  • Government departments
  • Legal advisers