Marketing Management 3e

A South African Perspective

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  • Soft Cover
  • 9781485125204
  • 3rd edition
  • 816 pages
  • 2017


Cant, M


Business Management


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About this Publication:

With businesses competing globally more than ever before, and with the increased use of social media for marketing, companies are realising that they need to do more to add value to their products and services, and to enhance and manage the customer experience. In order to meet the expectations of today’s demanding and changing consumer, marketers and students of marketing alike need to be aware of the latest trends in marketing methods and technologies and how to use them to attract and keep customers.

Contents Include:

Chapter 1: The marketing world
Chapter 2: The marketing environment
Chapter 3: Consumer behaviour
Chapter 4: Market segmentation targeting and positioning
Chapter 5: Marketing research and information management
Chapter 6: Product decisions
Chapter 7: Branding decisions
Chapter 8: Pricing decisions
Chapter 9: Distribution management decisions
Chapter 10: Marketing communication management
Chapter 11: Cyber marketing and digital marketing
Chapter 12: Customer value and retention
Chapter 13: People, processes and physical evidence
Chapter 14: Marketing planning, implementation and control
Chapter 15: Marketing metrics
Chapter 16: International marketing
Chapter 17: Marketing in emerging and developing countries
Chapter 18: Services marketing
Chapter 19: Business-to-business marketing

Of Interest and Benefit to:

With a user-friendly layout highlighting definitions, examples, case studies and websites, this third edition of Marketing Management: A South African Perspective gives undergraduate students a comprehensive understanding of marketing – at a practical and academic level. Contributions from leaders in the field of marketing in South Africa and from academics at leading universities, locally and internationally, will ensure that this edition becomes as highly regarded as its predecessors.

Key Benefits:

This third edition of Marketing Management: A South African Perspective, the leading marketing textbook in southern Africa, takes a new and customer-centric view of marketing and its applications. It covers the following topics:
⦁    The marketing business environment
⦁    Consumer behaviour
⦁    Market segmentation and target marketing
⦁    Marketing information systems and marketing research
⦁    The four Ps: product, price, place and promotion
⦁    The additional three Ps: people, processes and the physical environment of a business
⦁    Planning and management of the marketing function
⦁    Customer value and retention
⦁    Leadership in marketing
⦁    International marketing
⦁    Marketing metrics and their effect on ROI
⦁    Marketing in developing countries