Global Business Management

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  • Soft Cover
  • 9781485125174
  • 1st edition
  • 448 pages
  • 2017


Aregbeshola, R


Business Management


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About this Publication:

If anything is new in the business world it is a heightened level of uncertainty, and this is a global phenomenon. Political disruptions, civil unrest, natural disasters and slowing economies in the developed and developing world have made the financial markets increasingly volatile, challenging multinational corporations in offshore locations and global business operations in general.

Contents Include:

Chapter 1: Contemporary Global Business Operations
Chapter 2: Global Diversity Management and Leadership
Chapter 3: Building Strategies for Global Competitive Advantage
Chapter 4: Structuring Global Enterprises and Operations
Chapter 5: The Political Economy of Foreign Expansion
Chapter 6: Assessing Country Attractiveness
Chapter 7: Foreign Market Entry Strategies and Alliances
Chapter 8: Expansion Strategies in Emerging Markets
Chapter 9: Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
Chapter 10: Global Marketing Strategy and Management
Chapter 11: International Human Resource Management

Of Interest and Benefit to:

The blend of theory and practical knowledge, and the comparison of historical accounts with current realities, make this book indispensable for active and aspiring investors in the global business environment, as well as the academic community. The book is particularly relevant for BA students at exit level, and could be useful for Honours and Master’s students of international business, and MBA and MBL students who seek insight into the contemporary operating environments of global business.

Key Benefits:

Global business needs a critical rethink, and Global Business Management tackles the tough and complicated questions that the new challenges raise. Some of the highlights are:
a perspective on different approaches to global business operations
strategies for building global competitive advantage
ideas on structuring global enterprises and operations
an explanation of political economy and institutional instruments to assess foreign expansion
novel ideas on entry strategies into emerging markets (especially in Africa), considering not only institutional adequacy but also market dynamics and socio-economic realities
ethical considerations, especially regarding governance
a discussion of global logistics, operations and supply chain management in emerging markets, with a special focus on Africa
an examination of global marketing strategies, the intricacies of online marketing, pricing and the international flow of goods and services
key considerations in international human resource management, including diversity management in organisational leadership.