Workplace Law 12e

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  • eBook
  • 9781485126379
  • 12th Edition
  • 611 Pages
  • 2017

2017 - 12th Edition

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About this Publication:

First published in 1996, Workplace Law has become one of the most widely used and frequently quoted text books on South African labour law. This 12th edition has been revised and supplemented to incorporate the latest case law, as well as the latest amendments to labour legislation.

Workplace Law provides a complete overview of issues that have arisen and are likely to arise on the shop floor, in court and in arbitration proceedings – from unfair labour practices, through employment equity, dismissal and collective bargaining, to strikes. This updated, comprehensive and reliable work is a convenient and indispensable guide to a complex and fascinating area of law.

Workplace Law is also available in electronic form as part of Juta’s Labour Library, where it is updated quarterly.

Contents Include:

  • Table of cases
  • Part A: Sources
    • Introduction and background
  • Part B: The individual employment relationship
    • The parties to the employment relationship
    • The individual contract of employment
    • Basic conditions of employment
  • Part C: Unfair labour practices and employment equity
    • Unfair labour practices
    • Unfair discrimination
    • Affirmative action
  • Part D: Discipline and dismissal
    • Workplace discipline
    • Forms of dismissal
    • Dismissal under the LRA
    • Automatically unfair dismissals
    • Dismissal for misconduct: Fair reason
    • Dismissal for misconduct: Fair procedure
    • Dismissal for poor work performance, incompatibility and incapacity
    • Dismissal for operational requirements
    • Closures, mergers and sales of businesses
  • Part E: Collective labour law
    • Collective labour law: An introduction
    • Bargaining agents
    • Bargaining forums
    • The bargaining process
    • Collective agreements
  • Part F: Industrial action
    • Strikes and ‘protest action’
    • Dismissal of unprotected strikers
    • Lockouts
  • Part G: Forums and procedures
    • Dispute resolution: Forums and procedures

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Students
  • HR and IR practitioners
  • Legal practitioners
  • Employers
  • Employees 
  • Trade union officials