Academic Literacy 2e (WebPDF)

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  • 9781485117933
  • 2nd edition
  • 142 pages
  • 2016


Beekman, L ; Dube, C ; Potgieter, H ; Underhill, J


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About the authors
Litha Beekman is an Educational Psychologist with a PhD in Vocational Orientation Pedagogy and a DPhil in Nursing Education. She is currently an educational and psychological programme developer and trainer.
Cecilia Dube has a background in Applied Linguistics and more than 20 years’ experience developing students’ academic literacy skills, initially at the University of Zimbabwe and latterly at the University of Johannesburg.
Herman Potgieter managed the Open University MBA Programme in South Africa for seven years and has been tutoring for Open University for 13 years. His career focus is student support for university students.
Jenni Underhill is a published scholar and has worked in Academic Development in Higher Education for the past 10 years. Dr Underhill is currently also working in the field of Remedial Education.

About this Publication:

Academic literacy is an essential tool for the achievement of academic success and, ultimately, career goals. This new edition of Academic Literacy covers all the necessary skills and competencies for constructive and successful academic study. Not only does it focus on reading, writing, listening and verbal communication, but also on developing thinking skills, possibly the core competency needed at this level of study.
The book exposes students to: understanding and engaging with academic study; developing vocabulary; reading for study purposes; argument; paraphrasing and summarising; writing paragraphs; assignment writing; studying; examination skills; and managing time and stress.
New to the Second Edition:
• Chapter on study skills
• Expanded section on referencing and how to avoid plagiarism
• New information on how to evaluate material on the internet for academic purposes.The reports provide models of text that define and classify the topic, then provide factual details.

Contents Include:

Chapter 1: Academic Study in Higher Education
Chapter 2: Developing Vocabulary
Chapter 3: Reading for Study Purposes
Chapter 4: Understanding Academic Argument
Chapter 5: Plagiarism, Paraphrasing and Summarising
Chapter 6: Writing Paragraphs
Chapter 7: Assignment Writing
Chapter 8: Study Skills
Chapter 9: Examination Skills

Key Benefits:

Academic Literacy will assist you in coping with the reading and writing demands of further and higher education. You will also be guided to be more knowledgeable about yourself, your aspirations, career goals, and how to manage your time and stress more effectively.
New to the Second Edition:
• New chapter on study skills
• Expanded section on referencing and how to avoid plagiarism
• Expanded Reading chapter
• New chapter on grammar and punctuation