Company Secretarial Practice (Online)

Endorsed by Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa

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Loubser, A (Managing Editor) ; Mahony, DP (Chief Technical Consultant)

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About this Publication:

Company secretaries are at the heart of the company, providing the enterprise and its directors with the right legal, compliance, accounting and governance support and advice at the right time. Company secretaries also serve as the link between the board and the rest of the company, its shareholders and the public.

Company Secretarial Practice replaces its well-loved predecessor, South African Business Administration, to provide a new, up-to-date and definitive reference work for all company secretaries.

Available in print and online format, this regularly updated manual takes the key functions expected of the company secretary and highlights the legal framework in which the company secretary operates, suggesting practical procedures to achieve compliance. In this way, Company Secretarial Practice will help company secretaries to meet the exacting demands of their job and fill their role as necessitated by legislation and the King Reports.

Contents Include:

  • The developing role of the company secretary

Part A: Company formation and structure

  • The legal nature of a company
  • Types of companies
  • The formation and registration of a company
  • Company constitutional documents
  • Holding and subsidiary companies

Part B: Director and board accountability

  • Corporate governance
  • Directors and other officers
  • Board committees
  • Director inductions and board evaluations

Part C: Securities and share capital

  • Corporate debt
  • Securities and share capital
  • Coming soon: Central securities depositories and uncertificated securities
  • Transfer of securities
  • Changes to existing shares
  • Exchange listings

Part D: Meetings

  • Basic principles of meetings
  • Procedural aspects relating to meetings
  • Shareholder and board meetings
  • Minutes and reports

Part E: Transparency and disclosure

  • Company records
  • External auditors and statutory audits

Part F: Significant and fundamental company transactions

  • Public offering of securities
  • Fundamental transactions
  • Takeovers and offers
  • Business rescue and compromises
  • Coming soon: Insolvency and deregistration

Part G: Governance of information

  • Coming soon: Governance of information

Part H: Governance of state-owned institutions

  • Coming soon: Governance of state-owned institutions 

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Company secretaries
  • Directors
  • Senior management in private and public institutions
  • Corporate lawyers
  • Academic institutions
  • Business law students

Key Benefits:

  • Written by expert practitioners and academics, the manual strikes a balance between theory and practice;
  • Regular updates will keep subscribers up-to-date with changes to legislation and the King Reports;
  • An essential reference for company secretaries or anybody operating in the ever-dynamic area of corporate governance;
  • Hyperlinks facilitate easy navigation within the product;
  • Powerful electronic searching allows for easy and rapid access to information.