Child Law in South Africa 2e (Print)

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  • Soft Cover
  • 9781485120889
  • 2nd Edition
  • 860 Pages
  • 2018


Boezaart, T (Editor)

2018 - 2nd Edition

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About this Publication:

The second edition of Child Law in South Africa provides insight into the profound impact of recent legislative changes and developments in the associated regulatory frameworks, the judicial interpretation of ground-breaking case law, and the latest research findings in child law in South Africa. The work that has been done at an international level is also incorporated as far as possible within the confines of the topics addressed in this publication.

This new edition of Child Law in South Africa does not merely follow in the path of its predecessor: this publication includes 11 entirely new chapters and 11 ‘new’ authors – experts who did not contribute to the previous edition. Even the ‘revised’ chapters add value as they systematically and critically deal with new knowledge and enhance research.

Child Law in South Africa is written by 22 experts in the field, edited by Professor Trynie Boezaart, an internationally acknowledged researcher in child law, and independently peer-reviewed. The book reflects the enormous scope and dynamics involved in child law and is sure to encourage further debate and analysis.

Contents Include:

  • Table of Statutes and Regulations 
  • Table of International instruments 
  • Part I: Aspects of private law pertaining to children
    • Child law, the child and South African private law
    • Maintenance for children 
    • Parental responsibilities and rights
    • Legal representation of children 
    • Child-informed mediation and parenting coordination 
    • Adoption of children 
    • The child in need of care and protection 
    • Special child protective measures in the Children’s Act and beyond 
    • Upholding the best interests of the child in South African customary law
  • Part II: Constitutional and international protection of children’s rights
    • The theory of children’s rights 
    • Constitutional protection of children’s rights 
    • Children’s socio-economic rights 
    • The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child
    • The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
    • Intercountry adoption 
  • Part III: Education law
    • The right to a basic education 
    • The impact of the Constitution on learners’ rights 
    • The South African Schools Act
    • School discipline 
  • Part IV: Justice for children as victims and as offenders
    • Sexual offences against children 
    • Children as victims and witnesses 
    • Child justice 
  • Bibliography 
  • Index

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Judges
  • Magistrates
  • Legal professionals
  • Academics
  • Children’s rights advocates
  • Students