Quantum of Damages, The (CD-ROM)

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  • CD-ROM
  • 20722923
  • 2009


Burchell, JM ; Gauntlett, J ; Corbett, MM ; Honey, DP


Delict, Law of

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About this Publication:

The Quantum of Damages in Bodily and Fatal Injury Cases in print has earned the enviable reputation amongst South African lawyers as the source of first reference in assessing liability and the quantum of claims in cases of bodily injury or death. Now available in powerful electronic format, this integrated resource reproduces the entire contents of the six printed volumes. Selected quantum conversion tables from the Quick Guide: Quantum conversion tables and Medical Diagrams, updated annually, are also included.

Contents Include:

  • General principles underlying the determination of the amount of damages suffered
  • Arbitration awards and judgments pertaining to the quantum of damages, grouped according to type of injury
  • Updated Consumer Price Indexes to assist with adjusting past awards for inflation
  • A table of cases listing the awards
  • A glossary of medical terms frequently encountered by practitioners
  • Detailed anatomical diagrams
  • Headnotes and flynotes from The South African Law Reports, The South African Criminal Law Reports and the South African Appellate Division Reports
  • A consolidated index of all cases for specific injury types
  • 191 cases contained in the original volume I loose-leaf
  • A combined alphabetical list as well as a listing of awards by category with quantum figures updated annually

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Attorneys
  • Advocates
  • Magistrates
  • Judges
  • Government officials
  • Labraries

Key Benefits:

  • Regularly updated 
  • Fully searchable format 
  • Handy jump links allow for easy navigation within the product 
    • From key concepts in the text to the relevant glossary entry
    • From references in the text to the relevant South African Law Reports extract
    • From cross-references
  • Cases are grouped according to type of injury
  • More than 30 diagrams of the human anatomy that appear in the printed version are included

"Quantum of Damages, The (CD-ROM)"