Acta Juridica 2004

Practice of Integrity: Reflections on Ronald Dworkin and South African Law

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  • 2004 Jubilee Edition
  • 2004


Du Bois, F ; Fagan, A ; Glazewski, J ; Kalula, E ; Lehmann, K ; Schwikkard, PJ

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2004 Edition

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About this Publication:

This annual thematic journal is published in conjunction with the faculty of Law of the University of Cape Town. Each year a current legal issue forms the focus. 2004 Jubilee Edition: Ronald Dworkin’s emphasis on the connectedness of legal theory and legal practice, his focus on adjudication, and his views on the relationship between law, justice and politics have resonated strongly in South Africa, where law has featured prominently in the implementation, challenging, and overcoming of injustice. Taking their cue from that association, the essays collected here explore Dworkin’s notion of ‘Law as Integrity’ in the light of South African legal experience and current practice. The scene is set by Dworkin himself, whose address to the conference that gave rise to this book explains the key themes of his work, especially the links between its methodological commitments and substantive arguments, as well as between law and democracy. Written by an international group of scholars and judges, the remaining chapters reflect critically on these themes, using the particular to illuminate the universal and interrogating the role and impact of law when ‘integrity’ is put into practice. Most back issues from 1967 are available on request. Some issues are also available in soft cover.

Contents Include:

The role of moral equality in legal argument

  • Ronald Dworkin and the power of ideas
  • ‘End of History’ jurisprudence; Dworkin in South Africa
  • The three Rs of the Constitution: Responsibility, respect and rights
  • Dworkin: A viable theory of adjudication for the South African constitutional community?
  • Section 39(2) and political integrity
  • Does the Constitutional Court of South Africa take rights seriously? The case of S v Jordan
  • Rights trumped? Balancing in constitutional adjudication.

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