Acta Juridica 2003

Criminal Justice in a New Society

Product Attributes

  • Hard Cover
  • 9780702165603
  • 360 Pages
  • 2003

2003 Edition

R 399.00

About this Publication:

This annual thematic journal is published in conjunction with the faculty of Law of the University of Cape Town. Each year a current legal issue forms the focus.   2003 EditionThe focus of Acta Juridica 2003 is the law of delict and this volume takes the form of essays in honour of Solly Leeman.Most back issues from 1967 are available on request. Some issues are also available in soft cover.

Contents Include:

  • General principles of criminal liability and specific offences
  • Evidence, criminal process and criminology
  • Sentencing
  • International criminal law
  • Transnational and organised crime

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Academics
  • Legal practitioners
  • Law libraries

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the area of law or topic selected

"Acta Juridica 2003"