*LAW CATALOGUE  > Governance, Risk and Compliance - NGO Matters:  Governance for Nonprofit Boards
  • Soft Cover
  • 9781485120971
  • 120 Pages
  • 1st Edition
  • 2017
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    2017 - 1st Edition R 285.00

    NGO Matters: Governance for Nonprofit Boards


    • Wyngaard, R
    • Copley, N (Editor)

    About this Publication:

    Governance is a hot topic, especially in the nonprofit world, where those who govern do so for the benefit of others, and are accountable to funders and beneficiaries for the proper discharge of their duties.

    In this practical and engaging handbook Ricardo Wyngaard, who has worked with nonprofits on governance for nearly twenty years, answers crucial questions like:
    • Who is in charge?
    • What is a ‘fiduciary duty?’
    • What about King IV?
    He also provides clear guidelines for organisations to put in place the governance practices that will protect them and their leaders.

    Each topic covered includes pitfalls to avoid, sets out practical steps to take and refers to both King IV and the non-profit sector’s Independent Code. The guide includes extracts from King IV and the Independent Code, as well as sample documents to be used, and is an essential reference source for boards, leaders and members of established and new organisations.

    Contents Include:

    • Part 1 – Governance: The important concepts
      • Why is governance important? 
      • What is governance? 
      • Why is governance important for nonprofits? 
      • Unique governance challenges of nonprofits
      • The fiduciary duty: Standard of care required 
      • Summary: What is needed? 
    • Part 2 – Governance: Specific topics
      • Recruiting board members
      • Orientating board members
      • Board development
      • Board meetings
      • Risk management
      • Financial responsibilities of boards
      • Legal compliance
      • Information technology
      • Board’s role in resource mobilisation
      • Conflicting interests
      • Performance appraisal of executive director
      • Relationship between board and chief executive
      • Delegation through committees
      • Board evaluation
      • Conclusion
    • Part 3 – Resources
      • Sample board charter
      • Sample governance checklist
      • Sample evaluation questions
      • Evaluation questions
      • The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa
      • King IV: Part 5 and Supplement for Non-Profit Organisations

    Of Interest and Benefit to:

    • NGOs
    • Individuals who are setting up a new NGO
    • Companies running CSO funds and projects
    • Lawyers and accountants who work with NGOs
    • Universities and business schools running courses in NPO management
    • Government officials who deal with NGOs

    Key Benefits:

    • Compact reference guide
    • Simple and accessible explanations of important concepts
    • Valuable advice on how to avoid commonly-made mistakes
    • Step-by-step explanations of the board’s functions and duties  
    • Easy reference to pre-selected applicable sections of King IV
    • Quick access to Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa
    • Useful sample board charter and governance checklists
    Notes about Pricing:

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