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  • Soft Cover
  • 9781485112075
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  • 2015
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    1st Edition R 212.00

    Supervising Safety 1e


    • Francois Van Loggerenberg (Editor)

    About this Publication:

    Supervising Safety is about the implementation of safety measures in an organisation. The book looks at safety theory where it makes the most difference – as it is applied in the workplace. Safety officers are central to the practical application of safety, and their role is clearly spelt out. The goals of the safety supervisor are outlined and one chapter is devoted to the role of ergonomics in the workplace. Readers are also shown how to identify and evaluate hazards in the workplace, develop an employee safety programme and safely handle materials in storage.

    Contents Include:

    Chapter 1 Safety supervisors’ goals and responsibilities in the workplace

    Chapter 2: Identification and evaluation of biological, chemical and physical                            hazards in the workplace

    Chapter 3 Concepts and development of an employee safety programme

    Chapter 4 Role of ergonomics in the workplace

    Chapter 5 Key elements of safe materials handling in storage

    Of Interest and Benefit to:

    Ideal for safety officers and safety management students, Supervising Safety will also be useful for business managers and owners.

    Key Benefits:

    This book includes:

    •clearly defined learning outcomes at the start of each chapter to help readers       navigate the contents

    •self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter to test the reader’s             understanding of the material

    •examples relevant to the South African business environment.