Handbook of South African Copyright Law

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  • Loose-leaf
  • 9780702119071
  • Approx. 650 Pages
  • 1987


Dean, OH

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About this Publication:

First published in 1987, this comprehensive work has established itself as the leading authority in its field, quoted in court judgments and relied upon by legal practitioners and professionals in diverse fields. Written by a leading academic and commentator, Handbook of South African Copyright Law is a rare marriage of practical experience and meticulous scholarship. The publication is regularly updated to reflect the latest developments in copyright law.

Publication Reviews:

"...A succinct and intelligible overview of our copyright law." BJ du Toit, TSAR

"This loose-leaf publication should be in the private library of every company secretary, financial director and legal advisor." Boardroom, Vol 4

Contents Include:

  • Synopsis of the law of copyright and ancillary matters
  • Digest of South African authorities
  • Transitional provisions of the Copyright Act, 1978
  • Compendium of relevant domestic and international legislation
  • Precedents

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Lawyers
  • Media and publishing professionals
  • Advertising agencies
  • Management consultancies
  • Libraries

"Handbook of South African Copyright Law"