Dispute Resolution Digest 2015, The

The Tokiso report on the state of labour dispute resolution in South Africa

Dispute Resolution Digest 2015, The

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  • 9781485107521
  • 140 Pages
  • 2015


Tokiso Dispute Settlement

2015 Edition

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Dispute Resolution Digest 2015, The

About this Publication:

In keeping with past editions, the Dispute Resolution Digest 2015 reports on the state of dispute resolution in South Africa, and aims to improve our collective understanding of how well the dispute resolution systems and institutions are working. The book contains the opinions of respected experts and statistical analysis of data in dispute information gathered from the reports and case management records of the Labour Court, CCMA, Bargaining Councils and Tokiso.

Contents Include:

  • Context
    • Overview of the state of labour relations - Patrick Deale
    • Time for Reality Check – Stop playing marbles while Rome is burning - Victor van Vuuren 
    • The war before the war? Cosatu at the end of 2014 - Steven Friedman 
  • Labour Court
  • The rule of law, fairness and labour law - Johan C Froneman 
  • Speedy justice: streamlining Labour Court processes - Andre van Niekerk 
  • An evaluation of the Labour Court - Craig Bosch
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Mandatory mediation in South Africa: are there constitutional implications? - John Brand and Chris Todd 
    • The potential for interest arbitration in South Africa - John Brand 
    • Industrial relations in the public service — a differentiated approach to dispute management - Frikkie de Bruin 
    • Equal pay for work of equal value - Andrew Levy
  • Statistical Analysis: Labour Court, CCMA, Bargaining Councils
    • The disputes referred to the CCMA, bargaining councils and Tokiso - Tanya Venter and Andrew Levy 

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Employers

  • Trade unions

  • CCMA, Labour Court or bargaining council officials

  • Arbitrators

  • Labour law practitioners

  • Shop stewards

  • Students studying labour law at universities and technikons