Commentary on the Children's Act (Online)

Commentary on the Children's Act (Online)

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Davel, CJ - Editor Skelton, A - Editor

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Commentary on the Children's Act (Online)

About this Publication:

Commentary on the Children’s Act is the first publication to deal with the intricacies of the new law relating to children in South Africa.   This integrated electronic resource includes the full content of the loose-leaf work, additional relevant legislation and headnotes and flynotes of relevant child law cases.   The publication now includes commentary on the Children's Amendment Act and regulations.

Contents Include:

  • Full content of the loose-leaf version, including the Children's Amendment Act and regulations
  • Additional relevant legislation 
  • Head- and flynotes of relevant cases
  • Repealed legislation which was in operation prior to the new Children’s Act
  • International instruments relevant to child law
  • An extensive bibliography for further reading

Of Interest and Benefit to:

  • Judges 
  • Magistrates 
  • NGOs dealing with children’s issues 
  • Family advocates 
  • Attorneys and advocates dealing with child (family) law 
  • Family law mediators 
  • Social workers and departments of welfare 
  • Academics

Key Benefits:

  • Section-by-section commentary on relevant legislation 
  • Written by a multi-author team who were actively involved in drafting and commenting on the Bill, with both academic and practitioner experience 
  • Regularly updated to reflect developments
  • Fully searchable format  
  • Handy jump links allow for easy navigation within the product  
  • The publication will be continuously expanded into a 'one-stop reference' for child law