Introduction to Social Work

Introduction to Social Work

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Nicholas, L , Rautenbach, J , Maistry, M ,



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About this Publication:

Introduction to Social Work deals effectively with relevant aspects of the nationally approved exit level outcomes that were formulated by the Social Work Standards Generating Body. It comes at a time when the Professional Board for Social Work, under the auspices of the South African Council for Social Services and ASASWEI, is embarking on a process of benchmarking the BSW programmes of each social work school or department against the nationally approved exit level outcomes.   This comprehensive book deals with a range of issues, from the early history of social work, to working with individuals and small groups in contemporary debates around economic policy, and macro level intervention, management, administration and research. It also covers youth at risk, HIV/AIDS, child sexual abuse and addiction as particular fields of practice. No introductory social work text would be complete without covering the salient areas of poverty, diversity and multicultural practice, values and ethics and theories for practice – this book has it all! It is a must for all students of social work … and with the move towards Continuing Professional Development, social work practitioners would do well to own one too!   A special thanks of contribution to Professor Vishanthie Sewpaul, Senior Professor at UKZN and President of The Association of South African Social Work Education Institutions (ASASWEI).

Contents Include:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: The history of South African Social Work
  • Chapter 3: Social welfare policy and legislation in South Africa
  • Chapter 4: Theories of social work practice
  • Chapter 5: Casework
  • Chapter 6: Group Work 
  • Chapter 7: Community Development
  • Chapter 8: Management and administration 
  • Chapter 9: Social work research and evaluation
  • Chapter 10: Social work values and ethics
  • Chapter 11: Youth at risk
  • Chapter 12: HIV/AIDS and child sexual abuse
  • Chapter 13: Addiction
  • Chapter 14: Diversity and Multicultural Practice
  • Chapter 15: Poverty

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"Introduction to Social Work"